Thursday, May 21, 2009

Remember When?

Well here I go again with some new bears. These I call "Remember When". I was thinking about the bear I had as a child and thought these were simple bears in a more simple time. I was raised in the 1940's and money was tight for our family. It was war time and there was not much joy in the world. Boy that sounds like today. Funny about how things cycle over and over again.

The bears are made of a short faux fur and 13 inches tall. I think the bear I had was only 9 inch, but seeing it is long gone, I decided I would just use my memory and recreate the style. The bears are jointed too in the arms and legs which I know my bear was not but for today's world this works better. They do have the set-in seam ears in the two colors and a plastic nose which really haven't changed much over the years. Then I put on the button eyes. I usually make child safe bears but back then we never thought about child safe and all the eyes were sewed on so that is what I did for these bears.

In my stash of fabric I found this cute blue and pink plaid in a soft cotton and so I created little pants for the boy and a dress and panties for the girl, all matching. I found enough of this material to make 5 bear sets and because they are easy to make, I have a lower price on the sets too. Please let me know if you are interested as these are not on my website yet.

Until June 9 I do have a big sale with about half my products at 50% off so if you have any interest in some bears or dolls, please check it out.

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