Thursday, May 31, 2012

A quick update on the coats and hats.

I have completed two more coats and hats.  These are for the large dolls.  The coat will fit dolls from 26 inches to 32 inches.  These are both a wool blend, burgundy in color and lined with a burgundy satin.  The hat matches and is in a pillbox style. 

The first coat I did with a long very soft white faux fur and the second one I wanted a more vintage look so it was made with a leopard print shorter fur.  I remember seeing this type of coat on ladies when I was growing up.  I have designed all the coats myself and do take custom orders for any of the coats that I have posted.  The coats on here are all listed on my website if you want to go check them out.

The coats are both shown on dolls from the 1970's  They are both Eegee walking dolls.  The first is a 32 inch doll and the second a 31 inch doll.

I hope you enjoy looking at the coats and hats and that you will check out my website at and look at all the coats, hats, sweaters and jackets that I have made.  It is never to early to order for fall and winter as I probably will not be able to get many more of them made for general sales because of custom orders.

Friday, May 25, 2012

More coats and other things

Well I worked on some different type of coats.  These coats have raglan sleeves so that will fit different size dolls plus I rolled under the fur on the cuffs so that can even be let out for a taller doll.  I am showing these on 20 inch dolls.

The one on the left is a grey with brown and black plaid strips and a dark tan faux fur and the one on the right is a hunter green suede like cloth with a beige and rust colored faux fur.  They are both fully lined in a heavy off white satin.

I have also been crocheting again and have make a few sweatera and hats for the dolls.  This sweater is a pink and lavender with buttons to match and there is also a hat not shown.

Then I made and dressed a 25 inch baby doll in a satin brocade outfit, satin baby shoes and trimmed all with pink ribbon.  For her I also made a pink and white sweater and hat to match.  She is a large baby and sits in a child's rocker.

 So now you can see what all I have been working on the last couple of weeks.
I sure am enjoying back crocheting which I haven't been able to do for a while.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Coats and More coats

I think I may have skipped right over April.  I have been very busy with making doll clothes for my regular customers and now that is done for a couple of weeks, I can breathe for a while so I started something new.

I have designed coats for dolls.  These are for 18 inch through 27 inch dolls.  I have a lot of faux furs left over from my bear making days so I thought how can I use some of it up and so it is being made into coats for dolls. So here are the 3 coats I have made so far.


So seeing that these were fairly easy to make and I did line them all just like a regular coat, I thought how about some fleece jackets.  Here are the fleece jackets then.

I ran out of fleece so then what was left to make coats out of.....cloth of course.  This past week then I made 2 heavy linen coats. 

Do you think I will stop at these coats?  I don't think so although today I did go back and make an outfit for one of the tote full of dolls that need clothes. 

You will have to check back because I ordered so rabbit like faux fur which should be here tomorrow.  I want to see what I can do with that.  I know I should not order fur but my husband says, do it because these should look great.  I just hope with all these different coats, that they will start to sell.  Only time will tell I guess.

Have a great day!