Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally got doll number 5 finished today

Well I am a little slow but I did get doll number 5 done today. This one I call Spring Maiden. After making the doll, I used a new yarn I found that is two toned tan and it makes for great looking hair. The first thing I made was a hat. On my first attempt to design this hat it worked. Then it was on to the outfit and that worked the first time too. Yea, for me as it usually takes a couple of attempts. The felt shoes did take me a couple of tries. Then it was just finding the right colors of ribbon to finish her and some flowers in her hand and there I had my Spring Maiden.
I hope that you like her and she is for sale on my website along with all the others that I have made. I have a couple of more that I want to make but haven't decided just what they will be. It will probably come to me in the night as to what they should look like.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Well I got my 4th doll finished today.

I feel good today as I finished the 4th doll in my character doll series. This is the cowgirl I talked about the other day. This one caused some problems in that I had a design for a peasant blouse in my head as I ended up having to take it apart several times to get it to look right. The skirt was easy and I had this adorable cowboy print that made it the doll look western. I then designed some boots for her. That turned out not as hard as I thought it would be. I did not put heels on the boots because the foot is flat and the doll would not be able to stand if I did that. The cowboy hat I had in my stash of supplies and I think it set off the doll well.

This week as been a busy week with my also making a blue and white bear for a friend that has a new grandson on the way. I hope you will check out my website and see all the animals and dolls that I have been busy making.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

These are the three dolls that I have finished.

It's Tuesday

Here it is Tuesday night already and I really never got much done today. I intended to finish a new doll I am working on. I have been redesigning this doll now for the last two weeks. I finally got a pattern for the doll its self right and now I have to do some more work on outfits.

I made the first doll and the picture doesn't look too bad but the doll its self is not up to my standards. I like the clothes I made for it though. The second doll came out a little better and I did get some plastic joints in it so I feel better about the design and wear and tear that a little girl will have on the doll. I tried a different design with the hair and outfit and it is still not what I was looking for.

The third attempt at the doll I think was the best of the lot and I like the faux fur I used for the hair. The outfit came out nice and will work for a little girl to play with. I am now on to the fourth doll and that is the one that I did not get finished today. The doll is done except for the hair and it has turned out well and I think will be the finish design. I know that each doll will look a little different as I make one at a time and the sewing and sculpting of the face never is the same. I think I will do this one in a cowgirl outfit. Just have to go through my stash of fabric and decide what I want to use.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Today is the first day of my blog.

This is my first time at doing a blog and so that everyone can get to know me and my creations I am just introduction myself today.

I have been sewing since I was a child and so I sew. Over the years I have made just about everything that you can think of making. About 30 years ago, I decided that I wanted to make some teddy bears. First I only made them and gave them to friends and co-workers and then people said they would buy them so I started to do art and craft shows. This turned into quite a business for me. Every weekend we would travel the western states and sell at craft shows. I would work my regular job and come home and sew, travel on the weekends and it went on and on like that for years. When my hubby lost his job, downsizing they called it, we decided to sell our house and buy a travel trailer and do shows full time. We did this for only 2 years when we got so burnt out that we went back to regular jobs. We didn't do shows for several years or did I make bears. Then, of course, the bug got me and I started to want to do shows again so we did a few a year. We had to stop doing the shows for a while as our jobs were too demanding to be able to be gone.

We retired almost 5 years ago and decided to do a few local shows and I was up and running again with a business. Last year after my hubby got quite ill, I started a website as our house was being overrun by stuffed animals. I still do a couple of shows a year but am hoping that the website will give me a good income.

I do hope that you will check out my website and bookmark it for future reference. I not only design and make teddy bears but soft dolls, rabbits, mice, dogs, hand puppets and a few more odds of ends of things. Whatever I dream up and make, I put on the website.