Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally got doll number 5 finished today

Well I am a little slow but I did get doll number 5 done today. This one I call Spring Maiden. After making the doll, I used a new yarn I found that is two toned tan and it makes for great looking hair. The first thing I made was a hat. On my first attempt to design this hat it worked. Then it was on to the outfit and that worked the first time too. Yea, for me as it usually takes a couple of attempts. The felt shoes did take me a couple of tries. Then it was just finding the right colors of ribbon to finish her and some flowers in her hand and there I had my Spring Maiden.
I hope that you like her and she is for sale on my website along with all the others that I have made. I have a couple of more that I want to make but haven't decided just what they will be. It will probably come to me in the night as to what they should look like.

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