Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dolls Finished up.

Okay, so I have been trying to get some of the dolls finished up before next week when I expect more dolls in the mail. These are all 15 inch dolls that have been sitting around a while. I have to leave them sit for a while and see what they want to wear. Some times it only takes a day and I know exactly what they should wear and sometimes it takes weeks and digging through my large stash of fabrics to decide.

This first baby doll is an Eegee, probably a 1963 Baby Tanya. This is the closest that I can find. She has a battery compartment in her back and a place for a key. Of course, I don't have a key so I don't know if she works. I figure she does if we can just find a key that would fit in the little hole.

She has been sitting probably for a month on my work bench without any clothes. She has a baby doll body but her face and hair is more of the toddler look. This week when I was a Goodwill I found this burgundy and black plaid, wood blend fabric and I knew right away this is what this doll needed. So here she is and I added a tam too and put some vintage buttons on the dress and tam. I have her listed on ebay this week.

This sweet little girl has been sitting in my sewing room window for a couple of weeks. She does have a problem in that her face and arms are paler than the rest of her. Now she can't be sold at the price that she should sell for.

She is an Effanbee, 1967 with really nice long blonde hair. I have dressed her in some vintange blue and white stripped cotton fabric for her dress and white panties, white knee socks and a pair of brown leather vintage high top shoes that I have had for a few years. I added the straw hat because she doesn't want to get a sunburn while she is out. In the days when this type of clothing was worn, women did not want anything but pale skin and always wore big hats and completely covered their bodies.

Now this last one is also an Effanbee doll. I love the faces on the Effanbee dolls. They are always so expressive. This is a 1962 doll called Gum Drop. She came with long hair in brown, red or blonde and it was always looked like the doll in the picture above. This poor little one has had a hair cut. Some little girl must have decided she didn't want the doll to have long hair. When I got her the hair was several different lengths and the bangs were all crooked. I have trimmed the bangs and evened out the rest of the hair and she looks cute with her little girl hair cut.

She is wearing the same dress that I received her in. I think it is a original dress for this doll. I made her white panties and gave her white shoes and a straw hat.

I think I was in a straw hat mood yesterday because the two dolls I did yesterday both have straw hats. And then there was a tam on the doll today. Hat time!

These last two dolls are listed on my website at a very good price for this old of a doll. Not considered vintage because of their problems but still have lots and lots of play time left in them

You have an old doll you don't want any more or have one that needs it's hair fixed or new clothes made for it. I do buy old dolls and I also can fix the hair and make clothes so that it will look new again. I do not repair old dolls.

I can be contacted through my website where I have my dolls and other things listed.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Morning Everyone.

Here it is Wednesday and another day to see what I can get done. Wednesday is our day for grocery shopping. I am not a fan of grocery shopping but it is something that has to be done. Today is also pay day for us and a lot of the other seniors who live in this part of the world so today the WalMart is really, really going to be crowded with people and their carts. Why does everyone have to stand in the middle of the aisles to decide what they want on the shelf? I never could understand that one. And then the motorized carts.....I am not even going to start in on that one.

So, a bright spot in the day will be going to the thrift stores to see if I can find any more dolls. Last week, nothing but you never know what will be there. It isn't like I need any more dolls to fix up but the hunt is so much fun. I have several dolls that need clothes right now and I will get to them. Some just have to sit awhile while I decide what they will look best in.

I do have to thank a very special Canadian friend of mine. We have only met through cyber space but I feel she is a true friend that I could sit and talk hours to. Dale is a doll fan like I am and I was pleased to be able to get her the Chatty Cathy dolls that she had been looking for. She wrote such a beautiful comment about me in her blog and I just want to thank her for it.

Well it is time to get this day started. It is finally light out and I need to get off the computer, shower, dress and make the beds so that we can get going. It looks like no wind today so far so it sure will be easier to get around as the last few days, that wind has made it hard to even get from the house to the car, to the store and back.

Everyone enjoy their day.....happy Wednesday.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year!

Here it is a new year and I have been so bad about getting to this blog. I just have not had the time to really get to any thing extra. December was a very busy month with posting and packing dolls for shipment and then the stand at the post office to get everything mailed. I had a good month but a busy one. January has started off good too and with fingers crossed, I hope it continues.

The first doll is one of the many dolls that I have bought and cleaned up and redressed. I really love doing this and I guess so does everyone by the number of sales I have had on these dolls. I love old dolls. There is just so much you can do to make them look new again and bring joy to a new owner. This one is a 15 inch Horsman vintage doll from the 1970's. She came to me in an dirty outfit and her hair was full of dirt and in ponytails. She washed her up and curled her hair and gave her a cute little dress and new shoes and socks. She doesn't even look like the same doll.

I have also added a picture of the "Emma" dolls that I made this past week. This has been a very popular design for me. I designed them last spring and they seem to sell as fast as I can get them made. One of these is already sold and I just got them done today and I don't expect the others will last long either. I don't have them on the website yet because I want to show all of these to the lady who bought one and I hope to get that done tomorrow. I take special orders on these with chose of color of outfit and hair. I think they have done well because each doll as all four faces and with the turn of the head they change their expression.