Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Morning Everyone.

Here it is Wednesday and another day to see what I can get done. Wednesday is our day for grocery shopping. I am not a fan of grocery shopping but it is something that has to be done. Today is also pay day for us and a lot of the other seniors who live in this part of the world so today the WalMart is really, really going to be crowded with people and their carts. Why does everyone have to stand in the middle of the aisles to decide what they want on the shelf? I never could understand that one. And then the motorized carts.....I am not even going to start in on that one.

So, a bright spot in the day will be going to the thrift stores to see if I can find any more dolls. Last week, nothing but you never know what will be there. It isn't like I need any more dolls to fix up but the hunt is so much fun. I have several dolls that need clothes right now and I will get to them. Some just have to sit awhile while I decide what they will look best in.

I do have to thank a very special Canadian friend of mine. We have only met through cyber space but I feel she is a true friend that I could sit and talk hours to. Dale is a doll fan like I am and I was pleased to be able to get her the Chatty Cathy dolls that she had been looking for. She wrote such a beautiful comment about me in her blog and I just want to thank her for it.

Well it is time to get this day started. It is finally light out and I need to get off the computer, shower, dress and make the beds so that we can get going. It looks like no wind today so far so it sure will be easier to get around as the last few days, that wind has made it hard to even get from the house to the car, to the store and back.

Everyone enjoy their day.....happy Wednesday.

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