Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family....Dolls......Pain....Everything that has kept me off here.

First we start with the family.  Two of our three kids plus two grand kids were here for almost a week.  I sure enjoyed having them here but it was too hot to really do any thing so we pretty much stayed in the home and talked, played on the computers, watched some television and put together a puzzle.  We did do a little shopping and ate a lot.  I didn't cook at all because the kids bought at our meals.  It was great as I really, really don't like to cook.

Then I guess I should talk about the pain.  I am pretty much living on pain killers.  I have been diagnosed with severe arthritis of the spine.  Some days it is hard to get out of bed and other days not so bad.  It is something I just have to learn to live with.  I had a couple of days of pity party but then, I decided it is NOT going to stop me and I decided  try to live a normal life for as long as I can.   I work a little and I sit a little and I walk a little and that is how I get through each day.   No one wants to hear about my aches and pains so that is enough......

 Now for my dolls.  My real joy in life right now.  The hunt for dolls is so much fun and my husband, I think, is having as much fun as I am going to the thrift stores.  There are times when I figure we were at one of the store just a couple of days before and here he is saying lets go check out this store or that.

 It has been a couple of weeks were we didn't find anything that we wanted and then this past week we have found 6 dolls that I can work on.  Some are named dolls and some are not.  Are the vintage dolls, no, but they are nice dolls to work on. 

 Here is one that I have not found anything about.  She is a sweetie with a cute smiley face and freckles.  She is 15 inches tall.  If anyone knows anything about this doll I would sure appreciate knowing.

These are the before and after pictures of her.  She has a little speaker in her tummy but it doesn't work anymore and there is no way to replace it without taking the doll apart.  I didn't want to do that as she was in great shape.  I decided she looked like an Irish lassie with her strawberry blond hair and reddish brown freckles.

I hope to be able to get on here tomorrow or before the week is out to be able to show you the doll I finished up today.  She is my BJD Southern Belle doll.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It has been a while......

Yep, it has been quite a while since I have posted on here.  Where does the time go?  I have been getting more dolls and fixing them up.  I had been buying a few on eBay as the dolls that I put on there sold, I would use the money to buy other dolls.  Now eBay is flat in sales so I have not bought any more on there.  By the time I pay to have them shipped, it raises the cost and then I have to charge more for the dolls when I finish them.  We are still going to the thrift stores every week and finding some good buys.  Have bought quite a bit of furniture too so come fall and the craft shows, I will have the furniture to sell too.  Plus I also have some doll quilts that I have made and there are always the extra doll clothes.

Digging through all the old stock I had on the shelves, I found a few bears that haven't sold so have them on my website at a good price.  Need to get rid of that stock because I need the room.  I have also make some of the "Emma" dolls and have a couple of them on my website too.  I really need to get some more of them made.

Here is the one doll that I worked on this past couple of weeks.  It is a Madame Alexander,  18 inch baby doll.  She was such a sweetheart to work on.

And next we have the Lee Middleton by Reva,  17 inch boy doll.  His face was so sweet, I couldn't pass him up.  I made this outfit in a navy suede cloth. 

I hope you like these two babies.  They are not listed anywhere yet but if anyone is interested in these dolls, please contact me.

Well we are starting to get a wind storm here so I guess I had better get off the computer.  Thanks for reading my blog and don't forget to leave comments.