Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What I have been doing in crafting this week

I have been trying to design a new bunny and this is the result so far. His neck is still too long but he is made. He is of a light grey faux fur with white fur upper ears. He of course is child safe with plastic black eyes and a pink nose. I put a satin collar and a red/green/gold tie on him. I have him listed on my website for only $15.00 as it still isn't what I am looking for in a bunny. This will at least pay for my materials and it will make a great toy for some child. He is 15 inches tall not counting the ears.
I will be adding more fur bunnies after I redesign them. I hope that you will enjoy him and give him a new home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grandpa Jones

I have a new design in my teddy bears. This one I call Grandpa Jones because he has a mustache and wears glasses. I have a passion for teddy bears and I love designing something new all the time.

I design teddy bears that are child safe because I feel teddy bears should be handled and hugged. Everyone needs a hug. I use only locking eyes and noses on my bears and all the joints are plastic so that if the bear gets wet or needs to be washed he won't be damaged. The fur is a synthetic fur and this can even be brushed and it won't hurt it, in fact it looks better when it is brushed.

Yesterday I put Grandpa Jones on eBay auction and this is the first time that I did this and I am hoping that you will take a look.

Everyone have a great day!


Number 6 in the series

Okay so I finally got to finishing the 6th doll in my series on character dolls. This one has taken me longer than I thought. Couldn't come up with a good theme for her but seeing my last one was spring I decided that this could be summer. So then it was finding just the right fabric for her and I found this cute yellow print fabric that just said summer. After that it was easy and I finished her in two days. Now getting her photographed was another thing. I just couldn't get it right and there is still a shadow on her but this will have to do right now until the light is better.

She is not on my website yet as I am also having problems getting anything new added to my site. I have hollered help to my webmaster and I am hoping he can get it fixed today.

Everone have a wonderful day and I hope you will visit my website and see all the critters that I have made.