Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Number 6 in the series

Okay so I finally got to finishing the 6th doll in my series on character dolls. This one has taken me longer than I thought. Couldn't come up with a good theme for her but seeing my last one was spring I decided that this could be summer. So then it was finding just the right fabric for her and I found this cute yellow print fabric that just said summer. After that it was easy and I finished her in two days. Now getting her photographed was another thing. I just couldn't get it right and there is still a shadow on her but this will have to do right now until the light is better.

She is not on my website yet as I am also having problems getting anything new added to my site. I have hollered help to my webmaster and I am hoping he can get it fixed today.

Everone have a wonderful day and I hope you will visit my website and see all the critters that I have made.


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