Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving is over and now on to Christmas

Our Thanksgiving was a quiet one with just the two of us and we had a nice rib roast for dinner.  We are not turkey eaters and we do love a nice beef roast.  Of course we are still eating on it. 

 I know I haven't been around in a while and this time I have a good reason.  I was very sick for almost a month.  It started with a head cold and went to the lungs.  Didn't want to go to the doctor but it came down to that when the paramedics had to be called because I couldn't breathe.  Had some very strong antibiotics and steroids for a couple of weeks plus lots of other medicine and I am finally getting over it.

Then with all the weather changes the arthritis also went into high gear and there are days that I can verily get around.  Whoever said that these are the golden ages, should have been shot.  Old age is not for the weak!

 So after saying all that, none of which you wanted to hear, I have not been in the sewing room to work on any new dolls for over a month.  This is bad for me but then I have plenty of dolls so I don't have to worry that I am going to run out of stock.

 I did one show this year in October and it was bad.  It is usually a good money maker and the traffic was not there this year.  Don't really know why.    The economy around here is not good.  I was going to do the swap meet to get rid of some of the cheaper dolls and then I got sick and was unable to do that.

 My next show is an antique show in February and along with the dolls I have picked up some antique furniture this year to add to the mix.  Some is doll furniture, some children's furniture, a old 1924 cabinet and a 1954 sewing machine in a cabinet.  I hope this will bring more people into my booth.  Here is the cabinet that I have.

Now I also wanted to say tonight that I have a BIG SALE going on my website until December 10.  Everything will go back to regular price after that time.  I hope you will all take a look and see if there is something that you would like.  The website is    I would sure appreciate anything that you can do as being sick has kept me from doing the usual craft shows this year and my stock is pretty big.  My husband says he is getting to feel like he lives in a doll house or store and said I can't buy any more dolls until I get rid of some.  Little does he know that if I find something that I want, I am going to buy it.  Tee!  Hee!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great and you didn't over eat too much.  All the cookies, candy and Christmas parties are coming up and we will probably all gain a little over the next four weeks.