Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Tuesday

Here it is Tuesday night already and I really never got much done today. I intended to finish a new doll I am working on. I have been redesigning this doll now for the last two weeks. I finally got a pattern for the doll its self right and now I have to do some more work on outfits.

I made the first doll and the picture doesn't look too bad but the doll its self is not up to my standards. I like the clothes I made for it though. The second doll came out a little better and I did get some plastic joints in it so I feel better about the design and wear and tear that a little girl will have on the doll. I tried a different design with the hair and outfit and it is still not what I was looking for.

The third attempt at the doll I think was the best of the lot and I like the faux fur I used for the hair. The outfit came out nice and will work for a little girl to play with. I am now on to the fourth doll and that is the one that I did not get finished today. The doll is done except for the hair and it has turned out well and I think will be the finish design. I know that each doll will look a little different as I make one at a time and the sewing and sculpting of the face never is the same. I think I will do this one in a cowgirl outfit. Just have to go through my stash of fabric and decide what I want to use.

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