Monday, November 15, 2010

I have been working on dolls.

Yes, I have been making dolls. I got a special order for 6 of my Emma dolls (the four face doll). I was down to one in stock and the lady decided she wanted 6 and no lace on them. Okay, so lace in the easiest way to trim the dresses and hats but she wanted ruffles. So self fabric rubbles I made. Now I think I like the ones with ruffles better too. Funny how someone asks for something and it turns out to be a good thing. It is hard on my hands to make them because I don't have a rufflier for my machine. I run a basting thread and then ruffle them by hand. I have blisters on a couple of my fingers from pulling thread. Just a little problem of the trade and they will heal. These are now done and will be on their way to the east coast tomorrow.

So today I got back to working on my vintage dolls. First was a trip to the grocery store of a couple of things we forgot last week. Then decided that because we were near the Goodwill store we might as well go there too. Found a couple more dolls. One was a 1977 Horsman baby doll in what looked like an original outfit. The other a Cititoy soft baby doll from 1997. I decided after cleaning several dolls up this afternoon that I would try Ebay again and see if I could sell anything on there. I have not had much luck with selling there but right now with the free listing what do I have to lose. So on went four dolls. Cross your fingers for me that at least a couple of them sell.

Now tomorrow, I have several other dolls that I need to work on. I have two walking dolls that really need new clothes. One is 30 inches tall and and other is 21 inches tall. I love walking dolls and they are hard to find good cheap ones that I can work on. I still have an old composition 1950's walking/crying doll that need new hair and clothes. That one will have to wait.

I have one craft show and one art show yet to do this month. The craft show I can show my dolls at and that is Thanksgiving weekend and then the art show at the college I can only show my own work. I didn't have many bears left so dropped out of the online show so that I would have bears for the art show. Hope I did the right thing. Two years ago when I did the art show, I sold a lot of bears.

Hope everyone is having a great craft season and you know Christmas is only 40 days away.....can you believe that. WHEW!!!

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