Saturday, December 4, 2010

Craft show season over.

The craft show season is over for me. I know there are others who have a couple more shows but after 8 shows and dismal sales this year, do I want to do it again next year. Right now I would say no but I know when it comes around again, I will be out there, selling what ever new doll I come up with and of course, I have my newest adventure with all the vintage and refurbished dolls.

My biggest seller this year has been my Emma doll. This is different because it has four different faces and everyone seems to want one. I sold the last one today and have orders for more, so I guess I will be making some of these in the next few weeks. The bears, for me, are not going to be any longer. I will only do these if someone orders a special one. I still have a few of these left on the website and so far this fall, they haven't sold either.

Now it is time to start working on my vintage dolls, which I find more exciting. I have learned so much about old dolls and it is wonderful to take a tired old naked doll and turn it into a like new doll. Right now it is just cleaning them up and making new clothes but I can see that I may get into rerooting hair and doll repair. That is all in the future and not sure at this point if that is what I want to do.

I will try the antique and collectible show this coming year and see how that goes. Don't know yet if this is where I want to show my dolls. All the doll shows are quite a distances away and we really are not into traveling much. Just may have to try one to see what they are all about. May have to start making extra doll clothes too as I have had some requests for these. These I know will go over well at doll shows because so many people have dolls that need clothes and they don't sew. I have made clothes in the past and they have always sold well.

Only time will tell what direction my business will go this coming year.

I think I had better start to put up some Christmas decorations. We don't even have the tree up yet. I did get the Christmas cards written out but not mailed yet. Tomorrow may be the day to get out to the shed and find some of the stuff and then move the living room around enough to get the tree set up.

That is tomorrow....then maybe it could be the next day.

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