Monday, September 12, 2011

A funny little story

This is the doll that caused all the problems this morning.  I bought her months ago.  Didn't know who she was and at the time couldn't find her.  I got her without batteries so when I brought her home, I did what I also do with dolls when I bring them in the house.  I cleaned her up and added the batteries.  Nothing happened.  I could see that the arms were suppose to move because of the metal in the arms and the head seemed to want to move but nothing I could do would make her move.  I googled her and I looked at several other places and no doll.  All I knew was the tag that said Mattel 2006.

Well seeing I couldn't make her work and I really didn't know who she was and what she was suppose to do, I put her in the corner of my sewing room and thought someday I will find out who she was.  She sat there for months and.............

Forward to this morning.  I was in the sewing room going to work on a new pattern for a 12 in Alexander "Lissi" doll that I have orders for Christmas outfits.  All of a sudden I heard a noise and wasn't sure what it was and then I heard a giggle.  Now I knew I didn't have any dolls in there that make noises or talked so I just ignored it and then there it was again.  The little noise and a giggle.  This I had to check out!  I walked around and I could hear it again from a pile of doll stuff.  I moved a couple of things and there was this doll with it's arms moving and they went to her eyes and she said peek a boo.  I picked her up and she started talking and moving her arms more and her head moved.  I took her out to where my hubby was sitting and we both sat and listened for about 15 minutes to all the different stuff that she was saying and watching her arms move in different positions.  It was fun and to think I had thrown her in a corner and just forgot her.  Why she started to talk this morning I don't know but I decided I needed to find out who she was.

So I Goggle her and still couldn't find her and so I took the next step.  I have lots of friends on Facebook and I just knew someone there would know because this doll is not that old.  Sure enough within minutes I had my answer.  She is called, Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Doll.  She was made by Mattel but for Fisher Price. I found her on Amazon at a high price and she also was on eBay.  My next step was to get her dressed.  She had the original ribbons in her hair so those I left and she had come in a one piece pink suit but I don't like those outfits so I made her a pink cotton dress and matching bloomers.  A couple of the things she says is "I want my blankie" and "I want my teddy bear".  I had both of these items that I bought at the thrift store so just added those to her.  She also asks for milk and there was a bottle in the original package when the doll was new so I will find a bottle the fits her and add that too.

So even though it isn't Halloween yet and spooky things are not suppose to happen, I consider this my Halloween joke on me for the year.  I still want to know why all of a sudden she decided to work.  Now I have to turn her off or she wants to run all the time.  SPOOKY!!!!!


Kimmee said...

That is just the cutest story! I love it that she came alive before Halloween to share with you and your husband what a special little girl she is:-) Loved the story and sharing. Thank you and hugs, Kimmee

Shelly said...

I found this same doll at a thrift store. She is very cute. I love the dress you made for her.

Shelly said...

I found this same doll at a local thrift store. She is so cute and looks great in the dress you made for her.