Thursday, January 24, 2013

I just knew it.....I can't seem to write every day.

Here it is Thursday and I haven't got anything done with sewing or writing in two days.  

I am blaming it on the you think that will work?  Doubt it but I am sticking to it.

I did make it out yesterday to thrift store and was looking for some old canning jars but didn't even find one.  I did come home with 4 new dolls.  Dolls I don't collect but hopefully they will sell.  Two are from 1986 and 1975 and they will go to the antique show.  The Berenguer baby will probably be sold on eBay or if someone wants these, they will be sold on a first come basis.

    Yes, I know there are only 3 dolls in the picture but you don't want to see the little dirty, dirty fourth doll and all the little clothes that came with her.  The dolls in the picture have been cleaned up and the Tyco Rub a Dub in the left back with get a new outfit.  The Dancerella works and is clean and the Berenguer in front is now all cleaned.

Well off to see what I can get into the rest of the day.

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