Saturday, August 21, 2010

My love of dolls continues

Has been a busy week here with making doll clothes. This is my latest find. She came to me dirty with a really nasty little outfit on and I had to rid her of the dirty and grime. She is an all one piece soft vinyl doll make in Mexico. What year, who knows? The thing is she talks. Says several phases by pulling the string in the back of her head. She cleaned up very well and I made her a cute little pink dress, bloomers and white socks all trimmed in pink lace. The only thing I kept of the original outfit were the white plastic shoes, which were in a like new condition. She is now listed on my website

My love of dolls has gone back to my childhood. I always had a doll and played dolls with my sister all the time. I made doll clothes from the time I was about 8 or 9 when I was allowed to use the sewing machine. Maybe I am in my second childhood because I am starting to get excited again about getting some more dolls, cleaning them up, redressing them and letting others have the joy of getting a "new to them" vintage doll. This is going to be a great adventure!

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Patsy said...

We all remember the dolls we adored as children. Still makes you feel like a little kid. Has anyone seen this new line of vampire dolls? I think they are actually very interesting. I found them at I think with the Twilight craze - these would actually be interesting as a gift or something for that vampire fan. I've never seen a collection like this. Neat idea - vampire dolls.