Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday and Another doll

Well here it is Tuesday and I have another doll. This one came to me dirty, with very messy hair and naked....poor baby. She is a 25 inch tall Charmin' Cathy from 1982 per her body markings. I don't know if she talks or not as it takes a record to make her speak. I hope to find some of the records soon so I will know one way or the other if her player still works.

I cleaned her up which took a couple of hours and she still has a couple of faded spots but these may still come off with more cleaner. I then worked on the hair and it came out beautifully and looks almost like it did 35 years ago. She desperately needs clothes so I made up a pattern and cut the fabric for a school girl look in red cotton and lace. She has the red dress and matching bloomers and then I also made some socks and put on a pair of cute little shoes that I had. I added the red bow to her hair and now she is ready to move on to some little girl or collector who will cherish her.

Tomorrow will be the next doll. A cute little Singing Cathy (sorry no voice) but I will tell you all about her tomorrow.

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