Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big Sale on my website

I have so many dolls right now that I have marked a lot of them down and I thought maybe some of you would like to see what is still available.  I really need to add more things to the site but that will wait until after Christmas and then I will know what I have left.  I also have two big shows to do the first part of the year.  One antique show in February and a art and craft show to do in March so I need to get busy with sewing on some of the dolls that, at this point are naked.  Poor babies are all in a container and I have just been to busy and then ill for the last couple of months.

 I never get sick but this year has not been good to me.  First a sinus infection in October which in a week turned into a lung infection and took lots of medicine to cure.  Then just as I was feeling better and thought good it is over, I got the flu which completely wiped me out for a week.  Fingers crossed, I am doing okay this week other than the arthritis in the spine and that pain will never go away.

 I hope everyone has their Christmas decorations all up and everyone is excited about the holidays.  We have a quiet time here as none of our family lives close.

 So I hope you will take a look at my website and pick up those last minute gifts.  There is still time to get it in the mail if you do so in the next few days. 
 Thank you for taking a peek

 Bear hugs and Dolly kisses to everyone.

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