Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas from my house to yours!

I wish everyone the Merriest of Christmas.  I hope that everyone enjoy their holiday and has a safe and happy time. 

 My hubby and I will celebrate a quiet day with just the two of us.  All our children live too far away to come to our house and they all will be enjoy time with their children and extended family and friends.  We chose to live in the part of the country that none of the kids liked and so there is never much chance to see them.  They also live from one end of the country to the other so they don't see each other either except for every two or three years.  We were lucky this summer and two of the kids and three of the grandchildren were here in July.  That was a fun week of lots of activities in very hot weather.  Living, as we do, in Arizona, most people can't take the heat we have and are glad they don't live here. 

 There are times when I do miss the snow my age, I sure don't want the cold or the snow and ice to drive in.  We both grew up in northern Illinois and as adults also lived in Michigan and Indiana the first 30+ years of our lives and that was enough, we moved to sunny Arizona.  So because of living here we don't have family close but we will make the most of our Christmas day.  There are 9 casinos just across the Colorado River from us in Laughlin, Nevada so there is always entertainment.  We just might avail ourselves to some on Christmas day.

 I wish to thank everyone who bought bears and dolls from me this past year.  You have all made me very happy with sales higher than I have had in the past few years.

 Merry Christmas
 Bear Hugs and Dolly Kisses

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