Friday, March 9, 2012

Time for my dolls

Here I am posting again and it feels good to be able to get to posting.  We have had a busy week and today was no exception.  We decided that we would go looking for some small porcelain heads for a wonderful friend in Canada.  We didn't have much luck with that project.  We live in a small town and there is not much to choose from but we needed the adventure out.  On our way down to the only hobby store in the area we stopped at the Goodwill and found another doll.  A cute little Precious Moments birthday doll.  She is for November but is missing the November sign.  She is dressed in the nicest turquoise dress and feather wings and has feathers and a bow in her hair.  We also found a wooden doll size desk chair.  I didn't get all cleaned up today but will get to it tomorrow.

It was then on to the hobby store which was a bust but you never know what you will find so we left there and went down to Home Depot to look at sheet vinyl for our kitchen.  We found some and one of these days we will get it and have it installed.  I did buy a house plant while we were there.  A pretty lavender and white double African Violet.  We started back up the road (we only have one main road through town) and stopped at the Salvation Army thrift store.  We have stopped there before but usually can't find anything.  Today I found three dolls and a brand new package of 8 crochet hooks.  You can never have too much crochet hooks and I have a problem when I want a size hook and can't find the right one in the house.  You know that thing where you put something away for safe keeping but never remember where that spot is.  After that it was on to the third thrift store where we came away empty.  Just up the road from that store is Joann's Fabric so we went there to look for porcelain heads and boy they were way overpriced but I did find some beautiful soft yarn on sale so bought that to make a doll blanket.  After all the stop and go from store to store we were tired and hungry so we came home to have some lunch.

I then cleaned dolls and washed some of the clothing.  Started on cleaning up the desk chair and ran out of steam so played on the computer for a while.

Oh!  I did start the doll blanket tonight and it is going to be so soft and pretty.

So here is one of the dolls I picked up today.  She has been cleaned up and I really didn't know the marking on her neck so I asked some Facebook friends and they know who so was.  A Eric Krozer doll out of Germany.  A vintage doll from the 70's and in good condition with all the original clothing.

 So now it is almost bed time again but I thought maybe you would like to see one more of the dolls I got earlier in the week.  This is a Cititoy, 2007 baby.  She runs on batteries and so much fun to see her crawl across the floor.  She moves her head back and forth while laughing and then she fall from her hands to her arms and cries and gets back up on her hands and keeps right on crawling.  She was without clothing when I got her plus it took almost a full day to be able to open her to put new batteries in her.  Had to soak the screw in WD40 before I could loosen it, but once the new batteries were in her, she took off.  I have put a little pink outfit on her but I think I am going to change it to a diaper and short shirt because then you can see her legs move.  This way you can't.  I just love the expression on her face.  I only buy dolls that I could love and would want in my collection.  Of course, I can't keep everything so almost every thing I buy then clean and dress, will be for sale.

 So good night now and I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.

Tomorrow is another crafting day.  First we will celebrate my husband John's birthday by going to the casino so he can do his favorite thing, play blackjack.

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