Monday, March 5, 2012

Where has the time gone???

It has been months since I was able to get to my blog again.  I hope that I will be able to keep it up now.  Since the first of the year a lot has happened that kept me away from writing.  I having even been able to do much with finding and redoing the dolls.  Now that is sad as I really love working with the dolls.

First I was sick, starting last November and it pretty much ran through the end of January.  Then on top of this my hubby gets a lump on his forehead which was a squamous cell carcinoma.  A very aggressive and fast growing cancer.  After the biopsy and two surgeries, we hope it is now gone.  The final surgery was just last week and he has a lot of stitches in his head.  He will have to see the dermatologist every three months for the next year to make sure it doesn't come back.  This is because it grew so fast and was so large. 

His brother was no so lucky five years ago (he didn't go to the doctor right away) with one on the side of his head and ended up with multiple surgeries plus radiation which ended up doing more damage.  If you haven't seen a dermatologist  within this last year DO IT NOW and be checked.  This lump my hubby had only appeared in late December and we were at the doctor's office the first week of January and it grew that fast.  Don't take for granted it is just a pimple because it may not be.

I did an antique show in February and did quite well and I have a art and craft show scheduled for the last weekend of March.  Two very different types of shows but a lot of the stuff I had for the antique show can be shown at the craft show plus all the stuff I made that couldn't be shown at the antique show.

I did get a few dresses made for my regular doll clothing customers for Valentines day and I am working on the Easter dresses now.  I wanted to get them done earlier but all the health problems and the running from doctor to doctor just didn't give me time to do it.

Here is the one outfit I made for a 22 inch doll.  The doll is mine and I bought this doll new only because it is the exact same size as the doll I have to make the outfit for.

She hasn't seen the outfit yet as I just mailed it today.  It has a purple under dress  in cotton with a lavender over dress in a organza fabric all trimmed with lavender lace and silver ribbon.

I do have a few dolls that I have picked up over the last couple of weeks that need cleaning and clothing made but they will probably have to wait until the next show is over.  We still have one doctor appointment this week plus lab tests and 3 next week.  It is bad when you have to have multiple doctors because each has a different specialty.  What ever happened to the old fashion doctor who could treat everything?

I have more dolls to show everyone so I hope that I can get on here more often and show you some of the dolls that I have been working on.

Take care and have a good week.

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