Monday, January 21, 2013

It is time to start a blog and see how many days I can write on it.


Do you think I will be able to write every day?  Ha!  I am not a writer and things seem to keep me away from the computer and zap the day is gone.  

I have two friends who are challenging each other to write every day and maybe that is what I need.   Well knowing me that probably wouldn't help this little brain.

So it is Monday and the wind is blowing AGAIN today.  We have had strong winds for over a week.  Yes, we live in a valley between two mountain ranges and yes the Colorado River also runs through our valley but this is so unusal to have the wind blow so strong for so many days.

So today and even yesterday, it was back in the sewing room...or that mess I call a sewing room...and I finally got a couple of things made.  Right now I am working on clothes for the Chatty Cathy family.  This dress is the one I did yesterday for the Cathy doll.

     So now I hope to be able to get something made on a daily basis or at least a couple a week.

I have several dresses that I have made over the last few months on my website at if you care to look.  Most dresses that I make are in cotton or cotton blends.  I find that these are the easiest to care for they can be packed away then pulled out and with a little ironing they are like new again.


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Lou Who said...

I love the green dress. I am happy to see that you are back blogging again.

I was so sorry to hear about your husband and hope he continues to improve.