Sunday, March 1, 2009

March first already!

Here it is the first of March, where did February go? February here in sunny Arizona has been warm and cold and then windy too. This is the time of year that we have what other parts of the country call spring. Come May and we will start our hot summer. Now is the time I have to get busy and plant my flowers and pull weeds that have taken over our present flower beds. I looked last week for flowers but they didn't have what I wanted so will look again this week to see what they have got in.

As for bears and crafts, I have designed a couple of things this past month. One a little 10 inch bear named Alexander, named by a good friend of mine named Charlotte. Then I also had to make a Easter sock bunny for my stepmom, something she requested. While I was at that, I decided to see if I could design a sock doll. The doll is okay but not quite what I want yet. Then the last couple of days I tried my hand at a horse. I had a pattern for a long time for one and I worked it up and it turned out okay but if I make any more of them, I will redesign the pattern to make it easier.
You can find the bear on my website at plus I have quite of bit of end of stock that is on sale.

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José said...

Hi Eva,

This one looks really nice.
You got some really neat characters and the prices are quite attractive.
Good luck with your art and sales.

Kind regards,