Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thoughts on the week

Here it is Saturday already and the is the time of the year when all the men in my family have birthdays. Our oldest son's birthday was the 5th and the youngest son's today the 7th and then on the 10th my hubbys. We don't live need either of the sons so phones calls and cards is all there is in celebration. They are both grown with families of their own so they celebrate that way. We won't be doing anything on Tuesday either as hubby has to go to the doctor for his ears.

Then this week I also broke my glasses so have an appointed with the eye doctor on Monday. I will find out on Tuesday when we are at the doctors how my blood test turned out too.

As for crafting this week. I got the little chest type boxes finally in the mail and started to paint them. Some I am just staining and others are painted. They will be used with my needlefelted animals as they are the perfect fit for the small animals. The others I will give as a treasure box with any bear that sells over $25. Not sure what will be inside of box yet or if I want to put anything in them.

For a laugh, I have added my newest bear. His name is Jed. I had this fur and really didn't know what I wanted to do with it so I decided a character bear would be fun. He is 10 inch tall and 5 way jointed and available on my website The poor little guy had a butterfly land on his nose and he is trying to see it and has been trying to chase it away.

Bear hugs to everyone and have a great weekend.

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