Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well here we go again with a new project.

Here is my latest project. Hang them on a door or like my the refrigerator. Most of these have already been sold but I am making more, in fact, I made 7 more today and have some more in the works. I am using small pieces of faux fur that I have left over from other projects and then I am adding plastic locking eyes and nose so that if a small child get to it they can not take off the small parts. These are only 3 inches by 3 inches and I also added a little piece of lace for a collar and a ribbon. Then I added a ribbon hanger which all have been sewn on. I added a flower to the top of the head which has been glued on. I use to make these, from a different pattern years ago and they sold really well and I am hoping that they will again. I think these are much cuter than the previous ones I made. These are pretty girly and I haven't come up with a way to make a boy on yet.
Right now because they are selling so fast, they are not on my website but I hope to have some there by next week.


Anonymous said...

Eva, these are so cute! I love mine and I know Mom will love the pair I got her. Nicely done! The quality doesn't come close to anything you can buy in a store and the prices at the stores for theirs are so much higher! No wonder you can't hang onto your stock!


José said...


These look quite neat, but you'll forgive me my "mean thinking" :-)
You know that sometimes we only think bad things.
I was looking at them and was thinking that they'd be great as boxing bags (if they were bigger, that is).
Sorry but I had to say this :-)

Have a nice week,