Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am in love with a doll.

Yes, it is true.  My hubby and I go looking for dolls and doll furniture every week at all the thrift stores.  These are all old dolls in need of work and clothes and all that you already know.  I love the work I am doing with the dolls.  Last week we found some great doll furniture.  A wicker cradle, a love bunch and a wicker chair and one little doll that I got cleaned up.

Well today was our usual Goodwill day as it is 25% off for seniors.  We were going up and down the toy aisle and looking for dolls and rejected what was there.  We always stop in the porcelain aisle but because I have not had good luck with selling this type of doll and they are always priced higher, we just look at them and pass them by.  I picked up this Indian baby and said isn't she cute, to bad she is porcelain.  I put her back and we walked to the back of the store to see if there was any furniture, trims or fabric we could get.  Nothing there and I saw an oil lamp that looked nice from a distance but when I got up close it was to new to be sold as an antique so past on it.  I was ready to leave and just as we got up to where the dolls were again, John says don't you want this Indian doll.  I loved the look but know she probably wouldn't sell and that is what we do this for, but I decided, oh heck, I can buy something for myself once in a while.  She was a little messy but I got her home, brushed her hair and the fur on her outfit.  Then I found she did have a cute little necklace with bells on it.  She sits in a swing that is just attached at the top of the head.  Right now she is hanging in my kitchen but I am going to be putting her in my sewing room and I will be able to smile at her every day when I am in there.

I guess it is good to find something for myself once in a while.  She is dressed in lavender which is one of my favorite colors.  She has a couple of things I still need to fix.  Some of the feathers need replacing and one eyelash is missing but she is so sweet even if I never get the little things fixed.

By the end of the week, I should have another doll in the mail that I can work on but at this point in time, I really don't have anything new coming out.  I miss working on dolls every day.

Tomorrow I have to get an album together to take to a store so that they can show my dolls there.  I am hoping that one of these days they will carry some of the dolls and not just pictures of the dolls.

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