Saturday, April 9, 2011

I have had lots of fun this week.

Then it was onto the last of the Lee Middleton dolls that I got.  This one is a 15 inch toddler doll from 2000.  I just did her is a little white with red rose buds, cotton print dress and bloomers.  She is a little cutie with pretty brown eyes that seem to talk to you.

As this is the last of these dolls, I have  3 Alexander dolls from 1965 that I have to see what I can do with.  All have some ills and not sure I will be able to fix them or not.    These are 13 inch dolls and I am going to have to really work on them to be able to do anything with them.  Next week should be good for working on them.......but first I really, really need to clean the sewing room.

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