Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back to designing.

After a pretty good show two weeks ago and then pretty much not really doing much last week, I have started to design long christening like dresses for dolls.  This is my first example of an outfit.  There are a few things I want to change but only minor and I am probably the only one who will notice what differences will be in the dresses and hats.  This dress was designed for this old Eugene doll that I had completely taken about and cleaned and put new stuffing in.  Some of the dolls that I get are in pretty bad shape and sometimes it takes my months to get to the bad ones.  They are always put aside as I work the on easier ones.  Minor cleaning and washing and setting hair is the easy part.  Some times though a doll will sit on the shelf, without any clothes, until I can find just the right fabric and dress design to use.

I just had to show everyone this tricycle I found last week at the thrift shop.  I was out looking for doll furniture as it is so hard to find and this is one of the things I found.  I have wanted one of these for years.   I have now stained it in a walnut so that I will be able to use it in my displays when I am doing shows.

Side note on this trike:  Dolls really don't fit too well on this trike so I actually may have to break down and design and make a bear just for this trike.  Funny idea when I said I wasn't going to do that any more.

So now today I received three Lee Middleton dolls by Reva Schick.  Two little 13 inch baby dolls from 2007, that I have started to make outfits for.  One will be in blue and one in peach.  These will be the long christening type dresses.  The 17 inch doll, by same designer in 2000, that I got, I am not sure what I am going to do with her.  We will just all have to wait and see.

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