Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great show and I am exhausted.

Well my three day show is over.  Sold lots of stuff and made some money.  Yea for me because in 3 shows over the last 6 weeks this is the first one that made money. 

 The first show was an antique and collectible show with lots and lots of people coming through and the sales for most of us were dismal.  The second show no customers showed up.  There just wasn't any advertising and as a first show this was a big mistake.  The show this weekend had good advertising and the sales for almost all the vendors were good.  People were buying.  I sold things I have been carrying around for 2 or 3 years.  I couldn't believe it.  It sure helped me get rid of stuff I just don't make or what to sell anymore. 

I talked to lots of people about dolls and may have a lead on a bunch of old dolls.  I will see if that pans out.  Hope so.  Then people are always asking me what I thought a certain doll is worth.  Some I could tell them my opinion and others I had no idea.  I told these people they would have to research it on the internet and always check Ebay as to what they are selling for on there.  They could even list on Ebay themselves and see if it would sell.  I don't buy dolls from people when they want full retail for them or I would never make any money. 

The price of dolls goes up and down so fast that there is no way of saying what sells at a good price today would sell at that price in two weeks.  It is all what customers or collectors are looking for at the time and there is just no predicting that. 

Now I have to find someone who will make me some more doll furniture cheap.  I am always being asked if I will sell the chairs that I have now.  Doll furniture at a good price is hard to find.  I do sell the chairs I have collected over the last few years and I am getting very low on chairs.  I wish I was able to make them but I just don't do that kind of work or have the work space to do them if I could.

Well I am exhausted tonight and just wanted to tell everyone that there are good shows out there. It took me a while to hit one but it did happen this weekend.  I usually don't do spring shows because my stuff has always sold better in the fall but I will continue to do this show every year. 

Now because I sold all my "Emma" soft dolls I have to make a bunch of them again.  I never thought they would go over as big as they have but they are unique with their four faces and they have been one of my best sellers in any show that I do.

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