Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beautiful Day Today

We were sunny, and 98 degrees today with wind. That is fall in the desert. Cool morning with the windows in the house all open and the breeze coming through and then afternoon with everything closed up and the air conditioning on. They are saying that by this weekend we will get back to the 80's. I prefer the 80's but then by the time it gets down below that I have a sweater on. Thin blood, I guess, from living in the desert for 30+ years.

Today was a very productive day for me. After two days of being tired and down in the dumps, today my energy came back and I got quite a bit done. A weekend show of 9 to 9 for two days is just too much for this "little old" lady. Thank goodness, I don't have any more like that this year. I do have three more shows scheduled and will probably still pick up one more for the first part of December.

I finally got my bears, that have been sitting here for a week, stuffed. I still have the hand sewing and the trimming to do but with any luck, I will get them done tomorrow. Then today, I picked up another doll that is in desperate need of a new hairdo and clothing. I will have to see if I can't get her done before my show next weekend. I think she will be a good one to sell at that show.

Now if I could just get someone to do all my house work, I would be on top of the world. Any takers?

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