Monday, October 18, 2010

Some more dolls finished up.

Yep, more dolls done. I thought I had all my dolls finished on Saturday and then today I walked into the sewing room and what did I find but this poor little baby wrapped in a blanket because she didn't have any thing on. This is a 13 or 14 inch Tiny Tears doll made by the Ideal Toy Company in 1971. She has a one piece body that is hard plastic. This is one of the first Tiny Tears doll before they came out with the ones with moveable limbs and head. She is a drink/wet doll. She does have pretty eyes that are permanently open with long lashes.

I have had her for some time as I had got her in a group of dolls. I really didn't know what to put on her and today was the day to finish her up. Because she is so old even though she is in excellent condition, that hard body was difficult for me to decide what to make for her. I dug through my stash of this takes a while as I as a fabricholic lol........I pulled several fabric and then found this vintage yellow fabric and decided that would be the one. I custom made panties, an open back dress and a hat and put cotton dark beige lace on it all. I think the hat sets off her cute little face perfectly.

Now as a side note....
I don't like the color yellow. I don't have any yellow in my personal wardrobe or any where in my house. It is very hard for me to make anything in yellow but I know it is some people's favorite color so a do have a couple of yellow fabrics in my stash. I am sure that someone is just going to love this doll, not only because she is a Tiny Tears doll, but because she is dressed in yellow.

She is now available on my website for $24.95. I checked other websites and she is listed for $35 and I thought that was just too much to charge for her. I do try to keep my prices down. Some of the dolls I have had to pay more to get so they are a little higher but I have dolls available from $4 to $135 on my site. I want everyone to be able to afford to buy the doll they want. I will even nogotiate the pricing if more than one doll is needed.

I hope you will all take a look to see what you want and if you need a lay-a-way I can do that too. I am in the middle of my craft show season and some of these dolls will be sold at the shows. I have a big show this coming weekend.

Enjoy your week and will try to get more posted before the end of the week.

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