Monday, October 11, 2010

Is it Monday?

I think I have lost some days somewhere. Does any one know what happened to my weekend? I have to admit, I worked the whole thing from 9 to 9 every day doing a show but today has been a blur.

The show was not the best or the worst show I ever did. At least I made a little profit. The promoters were super nice as were the vendors. None of us did really well but we did all enjoy each other company and took turns watching each other's booth while we walked into the casino and played for a while or as some of the guys did, sit at the bar and watch football. Traffic was extremely slow and we could sit an hour and not see one customer.

That show is not one I will do again. You never know when doing shows if the are going to be a bust or a huge profit. The life of a vendor is always maybe, maybe not on what shows to do and what shows are better left to someone else.

I had lots of interest in my vintage dolls and sold some of the more expensive ones and then I sold some of the dolls that I design and make. Bears were hardly even looked at so after this season of shows, I will have to decide if I will continue to do bears. I love doing them and have for the last thirty years but they are just not in vogue anymore.

I do have an online bear show to do in November and maybe then what I am making now for that show will sell. I sure hope they do.

Well seeing that today has been one of those days where not much got done, I think it is time to go watch a little television and go to bed early.

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