Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy September

Here it is almost fall and we are still into the 110+ temps. What is with the weather here? I enjoy living in the desert but this summer has been almost unbearable. We have had too many days of 120 degree weather and only to short rain showers all summer. We usually get 3 or 4 and it will cooler it off for a little while. We also didn't get only about 2 weeks of high humidity this year, which I am glad for because that is a real killer with the over 110 temps and then adding the humidity.

Well all I can say is I am glad that fall is just around the corner. I am also looking forward to taking four of my pieces to be judged at the Mohave County Fair next week. This is something I have never done before and am a little anxious on how I will do.

Then in October I will have my first local craft show of the fall. I hope to be able to do a couple more of them too before the year is out. I also will be doing an online bear show in November, but more about that later.

This has been a week of received Mattel Vintage dolls. I have them all cleaned up now and those that needed their hair recurled that is done too. I also have made dresses and bloomers for them all, got new shoes and socks and the Charmin Chattty Cathys also got their glasses today. Now I think they are all set to show and put on my website for sale. There are a few on there now if anyone cares to look. I really need to sell a couple of them so that I can buy more and fix them up. I don't restore their voices or cracks in their bodies that they may have. These dolls are all 50 years old and I don't want them to look like a new doll. You can buy reproduced dolls every day and there is no history in doing that. These are dolls that have been loved and played with and you can just imagine the stories they could tell.

Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend. My hubby and I will be staying home and just doing our normal things. I hope that I will be able to get some of the pictures on here sometimes this weekend of all these dolls so that all can see.

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