Thursday, September 9, 2010

New dolls

Well as you can see I have some new dolls. I have never done up porcelain dolls before and thought I would give it a try.

I went to the Goodwill store yesterday to see if they had any doll stands. They didn't so was looking at all the dolls they had for very little money and decided that I could clean them up and maybe redress them if needed. I found these three porcelain dolls and I also got three plastic dolls. Those will be for another day as they all need clothing. I got all 6 of the dolls cleaned and washed and curled the hair on the onea that needed it. Also washed the clothing that was on the dolls. They may not have looked dirty but I assure you they were filthy as the wash water was almost black when I finished.

So onto the porcelain dolls in the pictures. The first thing I had to do because I don't know much about porcelain dolls was to do some computer research. Boy was I surprised when I discovered that the one doll was a highly collectible doll.

She is called Rose, She is marked with Royal Albert and the crest on the back of her breast plate. She was made for the Royal Doulton Company in a limited edition of 10,000. The pattern is now retired. She even had all the original clothing on. She is missed the flowers and ribbons in her hair but other than thay she is in perfect condition.

The second doll is a 12 inch doll marked Rose 1-5000 and couldn't find out much about her other than she is from the Victorian Rose Collection. No date so not sure how old. The outfit she has on is original and all I had to do is clean her up. Even her hair was good.

The third doll is a 15 inch doll and has no marking and so not really sure where she is from. I had to complete redress her and do major work on the hair. She has a ton a hair and it was all matted. I got it cleaned and curled and then piled it on the top of her head. Her outfit consists of white stockings and white bloomers trimmed in lace. The dress is a green moleskin fabric trimmed in white lace with a tie of white with white and silver snowflakes. She has such sad looking eyes. I hope she likes the way I dressed her.

Tomorrow is a trip to Kingman to drop off my handmade stuff for judging at the county fair the following weekend. I have never entered anything before so we will see what happens. Cross you fingers that I will get a ribbon.

It has been an exhausting day so will close and wish everyone a good night.

PS.........I guess I am tired because all the pictures are reversed. Sorry!

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