Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today I remember my Dad

Today is a day for remembering my Dad who was born this day in 1915. He passed away in 1998. I miss him and know that he still watches over me. I was his first born and was named after his mother.

He was diabetic and then went blind when he was about 65. He was a short, heavy set man and loved his beer and any thing sweet. He did not watch his diet and didn't go to the doctor until it was too late. The last 5 years of his life were spent in a nursing home after he had lost his leg to the disease. He got the last couple of years where he didn't even know anyone. It is so sad to know he was this way and I know I should have went back to see him but I just couldn't see him that way.

He had been such a happy and loving person all his life and never said any thing bad about any one. My parents were divorced when I was 4 and I was raised by my mother's parents. My Dad remarried and him and my stepmother were married just a couple of months short of 50 years when he passed. My stepmother is a wonderful person who I still write to. Being in her 90's and still living alone in their house she gets lonely and I try to keep her up on all the things that go on in our lives.

I spent 2 weeks every summer while growing up with my Dad and Stepmother and after I was married our kids know them as Grandpa and Grandma. We would drive up to see them every chance we got.

Anyway, I miss my Dad's hugs. He gave such great ones. Rest in peace and continue to watch over me and John and all the kids and grandkids. We sure all miss you.

I also have to remember the twin towers, the plane crash and the pentagon and all the people who lost friends and family that horrible day. I remember that day like it was yesterday and not 9 years ago. May this tragic event never happen again.

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