Thursday, September 16, 2010


Not much time to write tonight because it is almost bed time but I did have to come and tell you about my day.

I had entered four items, a faux fur black dog, a faux fur long haired teddy bear, a Emma doll, the four face doll, and a green suedecloth fairy princess into the Mohave County Fair. Last week we drove them over to the fair grounds so they could be judged before the fair opened. Today the fair opened so we drove back over the mountains again to see if any of my items had at least placed.

Surprise, surprise!!! I won a First Place ribbon on all four of the items. Then I also won a Best of Class ribbon on the Fairy Princess.

I took some pictures but because you couldn't get close to anything they didn't turn out well. I will have to wait now until Tuesday evening when back over the mountains we go again to pick up all the stuff.

I am thrilled as this is the first time I had ever entered anything into the fair competition. There were probably 200 to 300 entries in my division so I think I did very well.

Nite all.

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bois-fleurie said...

I think its a lovely idea to do what you do to the dolls., And wonderful to win for all four. I put some things in an exibition not long ago and was sure i wouldn't sell any ,when I did I was excited like you are.